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Alaska 7 Day Notice to Pay or Quit | Form CIV-725

The Alaska seven (7) day notice to quit, also known as ‘Form CIV-725’, is sent to a tenant for the non-payment of rent and gives them seven (7) days to do so or vacate the premises. Rent is considered late the day after it is due as there is no statutory grace period in Alaska.

If the tenant decides to leave the property they will legally remain owing the balance due along with any future payments until the expiration date in their lease agreement. If the tenant does not pay the amount due in rent (plus penalties) or leave the premises then the landlord will have the right to file a Forcible Entry And Detainer (F.E.D).

LawsAS § 34.03.220(b)

Delivering (AS § 09.45.100(c)) – This notice must be sent via registered or certified mail with a return receipt, hand-delivered to the tenant, or left at the premises in case the tenant is absent at that moment.

Original Source – https://public.courts.alaska.gov/web/forms/docs/civ-725.pdf