The notice to comply or quit is a form that is required when identifying and informing a tenant of a material violation of their lease agreement (for all violations that do not relate to the late payment of rent). The notice may be for noncompliance created by the tenant but also has the option of being cured before the time period ends. If the notice period ends, and the issue remains on the premises, then the tenant will be instructed to move-out immediately or face the repercussions of an eviction filing occurring against them by the landlord.

Notice to Comply or QuitAdobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx)

After the notice is served, the State required time-period begins. The tenant will be obligated during the time-period to “fix” or “cure” the issue. After the tenant is no longer is in non-compliance, the landlord should be contacted.



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How to Write

Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word (.docx).

Step 2 – The tenant name(s) as stated in the lease agreement should be mentioned in the header.

Step 3 – The full address should be entered along with the date of the lease agreement, State, and the days of notice.

Step 4 – The violation should be described in as much detail and the ways they may be able to remediate the issue.

Step 5 – The landlord will need to sign which acknowledges their legal statement and the tenant must be presented with the form in either personally serving the document or sending via certified mail with return receipt so the landlord has proof it was given to the tenant.