Texas 3 Day Notice to Cure or Quit | NonCompliance or Lease Violation

The Texas three (3) day notice to cure or quit, in connection with Article 24.005, is used when a tenant has committed some type of lease violation (or has otherwise not complied with the lease agreement). The notice allows the tenant three (3) days to either cure (fix) the violation(s), or vacate the rental unit. If the tenant does not comply with the notice (fails to remedy the violations or does not move out), the landlord can then file an eviction action in the local Justice of the Peace Court.

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How to Write

Step 1 – Enter the name of the county (of the rental property) in the first input line.

Step 2 – Put the name(s) of the tenant(s) in the “To” field. In the “Address” input line, enter the full street address of the rental unit (street, apartment/unit number, city, county, state, ZIP).

Step 3 – Write a description of the lease violation(s). If there is not enough room, use another page of paper to complete the description.

Step 4 – Date the form (dd/month/yy), sign your name, and then enter a contact address.

Step 5 – Fill out the sections at the bottom of the notice after it has been served on the tenant. Enter the date/time of service, and then select which service method was used. Put the date at the bottom, and then sign your name (the person who served the notice should sign their name).