Washington 10 Day Notice to Comply or Vacate | NonCompliance

The Washington ten (10) day notice to comply or vacate, institutionalized by RCW 59.12.030(4), is the notice that must be served on a tenant who has committed a (curable) lease violation. The tenant must receive the notice (and be given the full time period of 10 days to cure the noncompliance) before the landlord can file an eviction action in court. If the tenant fails to fix the noncompliance within the 10 day period, the landlord has the right to sue them for possession of the property (and any relevant damages). The notice can be served personally, left with a resident (of “suitable” age) and then a second copy sent via mail, or sent through certified mail and then posted on the premises (i.e. front door) of the rental unit.

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How to Write

Step 1 – Put the name of each tenant in the “TO” field at the top of the notice.

Step 2 – Enter the address of the rental unit (street name/number, unit, city, county, ZIP).

Step 3 – Write a description of the noncompliance.

Step 4 – Date the form and then sign/print your name.

Step 5 – Provide a contact/return address.