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Connecticut 3/15 Day Notice to Quit | Form JD-HM-7

The Connecticut three (3) day notice to quit, or “notice to quit (end) possession”, is written by a landlord instructing a tenant that they need to pay their late rent or remedy a lease violation. If not, they will be deemed in default of their rental agreement and they will be forced to vacate the property if a settlement is not made between the parties.

If the tenant does not agree to cure the issue stated in the notice the landlord will be allowed to file an eviction lawsuit (summary process).

Laws (§ 47a-23) – A minimum of three (3) days notice must be provided for serving a tenant who is nine days late on rent. However, those in non-compliance with other lease terms must be given fifteen (15) days’ notice instead.

Grace Period (C.G.S.A. § 47a-15a) – 9 days.  A tenant has nine (9) days to pay their rent before it is considered late, at which point the landlord may serve the three (3) day notice.