Florida 7 Day Notice to Quit | 2nd Violation or Terminating Week-to-Week Tenancy

The Florida seven (7) day notice to vacate may be used to make it known to a tenant that their lease has been terminated due to either (1) the same violation was repeated in a 12-month period or (2) the landlord has decided to end week-to-week tenancy. The tenant will be required to move-out of the premises with no option to cure the issue or reinstate their rental arrangement. Therefore, if the tenant has not completely removed all their possessions from the property at the end of the seven (7) day period the landlord will be able to file an eviction case against them.

2nd Violation Laws§ 83.56(2)(b)

Week-to-Week Tenancy Laws§ 83.57(4)

When Sending – It is not required, although, highly recommended that the landlord send the notice in a manner that gets the signature of the tenant upon receipt. This may be used as evidence in any forcible entry and unlawful detainer case.