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Illinois 5 Day Notice to Quit | Unlawful Activity

The Illinois five (5) day notice to quit may be used by a landlord to evict a tenant for the reason of unlawful actions committed during their occupancy. Unlawful actions include, but are not limited to, possessing, manufacturing, or using a controlled substance on the leased premises. The landlord must serve the notice to the tenant and allow five (5) days for the individual to vacate and remove their personal belongings. If the tenant continues to possess the dwelling after five (5) days, the landlord may attempt to evict the tenant by filing a Forcible Entry and Detainer action with the circuit court where the property is located.

Note: A landlord may not withhold a tenant’s security deposit if being evicted solely for unlawful activity.

Laws – 740 ILCS 40/11 and 765 ILCS 705/5