Louisiana 10 Day Lease Termination Letter | Month-to-Month Lease

The Louisiana ten (10) day lease termination letter, as provided by CC 2728, is used by landlords to inform month-to-month tenants of an upcoming lease termination. The minimum notice period for month-to-month (and other “at-will” tenancies) is ten (10) business days. Holidays and weekends do not generally count towards the notice period. It’s important to give the tenant the full ten days to move out before filing an eviction action (otherwise known as a “Rule to Evict”) in the district court where the rental property is located.

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How to Write

Step 1 – Enter the date (DD/MM/YYYY) and full address of the rental unit (street address, city, county, ZIP, state) in the top line of the form.

Step 2 – In the “To:” field, enter the full name(s) of the tenant(s).

Step 3 – Fill in the date of the lease (start date).

Note: If you are the tenant notifying the landlord, enter your return address for the security deposit.

Step 4 – After serving the notice to the tenant, fill out the proof of service section at the bottom of the form. Select the delivery method that was used, and then enter the date of service/delivery. Sign and print your name at the bottom, and then enter the date.