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Michigan 30-Day Notice to Comply or Quit

The Michigan 30-day notice to comply or quit is a letter used by a landlord to inform a tenant of their lease violations. Specified in the notice will be a description of the violations and the date by which they must be corrected. Upon receiving the letter, the tenant will have until the end of the 30-day notice period to either fix their non-compliances or vacate. If the notice period expires and the violations remain, or the tenant has not vacated the premises, the landlord has the option of filing a complaint with the district court to evict the tenant.

If the tenant has damaged the leased property or created a serious health hazard, the landlord should instead serve the tenant with the 7-Day Notice to Comply or Quit.

Laws – M.C.L.A. 600.5714 & M.C.L.A. 554.134(4)