Missouri 30 Day Notice to Quit | Month to Month Tenancy

The Missouri month-to-month termination letter is used to inform a tenant of the landlord’s intention to terminate their rental agreement. No reason is necessary to terminate a month-to-month (or “at-will”) tenancy, however, the termination cannot be discriminatory or retaliatory in nature. The tenant must receive at least thirty (30) days notice before the next rent-paying date before the landlord can terminate the agreement. Likewise, if the lodger wishes to terminate a month-to-month lease, they can also serve their landlord in the same fashion. The lease termination letter provides the date that the lease will be terminated and the amount of the security deposit to be returned (if applicable). When serving a tenant, the landlord must keep a copy of the letter and complete the “Proof of Service” portion after successful delivery.

Laws – § 441.060(4)