Mississippi 30/14 Day Notice to Comply or Quit | Non-Compliance

The Mississippi 30/14 day notice to comply or quit is a document which may be served by a landlord to a tenant who is in violation of their tenant’s duties as relayed in § 89-8-25. Furthermore, a tenant may serve their landlord if the landlord does not fulfill their obligations as per § 89-8-23. The Notice to Quit gives the other party fourteen (14) days to resolve the problem. After this period of time has passed, the lease agreement will be nullified and the occupant must vacate the lodging within thirty (30) days from the time that the notice was given. The tenant cannot issue a Notice to Quit based on their own deliberate or negligent lease violation. Any unearned sums of money will be returned by the property owner to the tenant, such as prepaid rent or a security deposit.

Laws – § 89-8-13