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New Jersey Notice to Quit

The New Jersey notice to quit is issued to a tenant who has either been non-compliant, not paid rent, or engaged in disorderly conduct in order to give them notice that their lease will be terminated if they do not pay rent or cure their lease violations. If the tenant hasn’t paid rent, the landlord only needs to give them notice if late rent has been accepted in the past. Before serving a Notice to Quit for non-compliance with the lease, the landlord must serve the tenant a written warning (a Notice to Cease) which details the lease violation(s) and orders the tenant to comply.

If the tenant persists in their non-compliant activity, the landlord can serve them with a Notice to Quit. The notice period for non-payment of rent and lease violations is thirty (30) days. For damaging property, engaging in illegal activity, threatening/assaulting the landlord, or committing disorderly conduct, the tenant receives three (3) days notice. Once the appropriate document has been completed by the landlord, they must make a copy to keep as proof of service. Next, the notice must be given to the tenant by personal service, left with a family member who is at least fourteen (14) years of age, or sent by certified letter. Once the notice has been served, the landlord should complete the “Certificate of Service” section on their copy.

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