West Virginia 30 Day Notice to Vacate | Month to Month Tenancy

The West Virginia thirty (30) day notice to vacate is given to a tenant who is on a month-to-month lease to inform them that the landlord is going to terminate their rental/lease agreement. This notice gives the tenant thirty (30) days (or one (1) full rental period) to move out before their lease is terminated. The tenant must receive one (1) full rental period’s notice. If they pay rent on the first (1st) of the month, then they must be given a minimum of thirty (30) days notice before the first (1st) of the next month. In the event that the tenant fails to vacate the rental property within the given time frame, the landlord may file an eviction lawsuit against them in court. Although no specific reason is needed to end a month-to-month tenancy, the landlord cannot terminate the lease for discriminatory or retaliatory reasons.

Laws – § 37-6-5