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Hawaii 5 Day Notice to Pay or Quit

The Hawaii five (5) day notice to pay or quit informs a tenant they have five (5) days to pay their rent in full or vacate the premises of the residence. The landlord or their agent may serve the document to the tenant at any point after they fail to pay rent by the pre-established due date. The tenant must then furnish all payments both due and delinquent or surrender possession of the dwelling. If the tenant fails to cure the situation within five (5) days, the landlord may file a suit with the district court to reclaim possession of the dwelling.

NOTE TEMPORARY AMENDMENTS TO STATE LAW: Tenants must be given no less than fifteen (15) calendar days to pay the rent in default. This temporary change is effective until January 1st, 2023. After said date, the period will revert back to five (5) days. Landlords looking to serve a non-payment notice before said date can use the 15-Day Notice to Quit.

Laws – § 521-68