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Iowa 7 Day Notice to Comply or Quit

The Iowa seven (7) day notice to comply or quit is to be used for tenants who have committed curable lease violations (e.g., property damage, unauthorized pets). The landlord shall state the non-compliances in the notice and serve the letter to the tenant. After the notice has been received, the tenant has seven (7) days to either fix their violations or leave the dwelling. The landlord may not terminate the rental contract if the tenant adequately remedies their breach. If the tenant has neither cured their violations or vacated the premises after seven (7) days, the landlord may file an eviction action with the circuit court.

If the non-compliance recurs within six (6) months, the landlord is permitted to terminate the lease upon serving the tenant with at least seven (7) day’s written notice to vacate.

Laws – § 562A.27(1)