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Indiana 10 Day Notice to Comply or Quit

The Indiana ten (10) day notice to comply or quit is an eviction letter informing a tenant that they have failed to comply with the Indiana tenant obligations (§ 32-31-7-5). The notice shall state the specific infractions caused by the tenant and the date by which the non-compliances must be remedied. Upon service of the notice by the landlord, the tenant is allowed ten (10) days to either cure their violations or vacate the rental unit. If they choose to do neither, the landlord can attempt to evict the individual by filing an eviction complaint with a small claims court.

Note: Indiana statute § 32-31-7-7 states that a tenant must be given a reasonable amount of time to fix their non-compliances. The ten (10) day period indicated in this eviction notice may be altered to accommodate the circumstance of the eviction. For example, if a tenant causes damage to a rental unit resulting in a repair time of less or greater than ten (10) days, the landlord may adjust the notice period accordingly. In these cases, the landlord should use the standard Notice to Comply or Quit.

Laws – § 32-31-7-5 and § 32-31-7-7

Laws – (§ 32-31-7-7)