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Kentucky 1 Month Notice to Quit | Non-URLTA Tenancy

The Kentucky one (1) month notice to quit is used by landlords to terminate a tenancy in a county which is not governed by the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (these counties have adopted the URLTA). The notice must be delivered to the tenant one (1) month before the start of the following rental period. If the tenant fails to vacate the leased property within the one (1) month notice period, the landlord can file an eviction lawsuit (formally known as a “Forcible Detainer”) with the district court. Furthermore, if the tenancy is outlined in a lease, and the lease contains language regarding eviction and notice procedures, the landlord must adhere to the lease requirements when terminating the tenancy (in these cases, the landlord should use the general Kentucky General Notice to Quit).

Laws – § 383.195