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Kentucky 14 Day Notice to Quit | 2nd Non-Compliance

The Kentucky fourteen (14) day notice to quit is to be served on a tenant that has committed their second (2nd) lease violation within six (6) months of a prior non-compliance. The violation stated in the notice must be substantially similar to that of the non-compliance for which notice was previously received. According to Kentucky statute § 383.660(1), the landlord may terminate the tenancy after the fourteen (14) day period expires regardless of whether or not the tenant corrects the violation. If the tenant remains on the premises past the termination of their tenancy, the landlord can sue the tenant for eviction by filing a Forcible Detainer action in court.

Note: The Kentucky fourteen (14) day notice to quit shall only be used in counties that are governed by the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (list of URLTA approved counties available here). Landlords operating in all other non-URLTA areas should refer to the lease terms when evicting a tenant for non-compliance. However, if the lease does not specify what procedures are required for non-compliance evictions, or if there is no lease, the landlord should employ the 1-Month Notice to Quit.

Laws – § 383.660(1)