Massachusetts 14 Day Notice to Pay or Quit | Fixed-Term Tenancy

The Massachusetts fourteen (14) day notice to pay or quit is to be served on tenants that fail to pay rent by the date specified in their lease. The notice gives the tenant fourteen (14) days to either pay the total amount of rent owed or vacate the premises of the rental unit. If the tenant does not pay rent or move out by the end of the fourteenth (14th) day, the landlord can initiate the eviction process by purchasing a Summons and Complaint form the clerk’s office and subsequently serving the document to the tenant.

The Summons and Complaint will specify a date by which the tenant must file an Answer with the court. If the tenant pays the total amount of rent on or before the date the answer is due, the eviction will be waived and the tenant will retain their right to possession of the premises.

Note: The Massachusetts fourteen (14) day notice to pay or quit is to be used for fixed-term tenancies only. If the tenancy is at-will (e.g., month-to-month), the landlord should instead use the 10/14-Day Notice to Pay or Quit.

Laws – Ch. 186 § 11