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Maine 7 Day Notice to Comply or Quit

The Maine seven (7) day notice to comply or quit is an eviction letter served to tenants for breaching the lease or for non-compliance with Maine landlord-tenant laws. The written lease shall be referenced when deciding what acts constitute a breach, when the notice to quit may be served to the tenant after the breach occurs, and the notice period in which the tenant must either cure the breach or vacate. If the written lease does not provide language regarding lease violations, or if the tenancy is not subject to a written lease (i.e., an oral rental contract), the landlord may implement the notice to quit when there is proof that the tenant has committed any act listed in § 6002(1) or § 6025(3). In these situations, the tenant will have a notice period of seven (7) days in which they must comply. If they fail to comply after the notice period expires, the landlord can file a Forcible Entry and Detainer complaint (a.k.a. eviction lawsuit).

Laws – § 6002(1), § 6001(1-B), and §6025(3)