Montana 3, 5, and 14 Day Notices to Comply or Quit

When a tenant damages a rental property or otherwise breaks the conditions of their lease. Depending on the situation, the landlord can serve them a Montana three (3), five (5), or fourteen (14) day notice to comply or quit. The three (3) day notice to comply or quit should be given if the tenant has unauthorized individuals or pets residing with them or if they damage the property in violation of  § 70-24-321(2). The fourteen (14) day notice applies to all other lease violations. Within the three (3) or fourteen (14) day notice period, the subject will have to either fix their lease violations or face being evicted from their dwelling. If the tenant commits a second offense of a lease violation, they will be served a five (5) day notice to quit without further opportunity to remedy their non-compliance.

Laws –  § 70-24-422(1, 3, 4)