North Carolina Immediate Notice to Quit

The North Carolina immediate notice to quit is used to evict a tenant that has committed some form of criminal activity on the premises of the rental property or who has otherwise committed an incurable lease violation. In North Carolina, this type of eviction is referred to as an “expedited eviction.” It is typically used to evict tenants who have committed felonies (such as drug trafficking/production) on the premises of the rental property. However, it also applies to any type of criminal behavior that threatens other residents in the vicinity. Furthermore, severe damage to the rental unit may also warrant an unconditional notice to quit. The notice must be given at least four (4) hours before the landlord files for an expedited eviction in court. Once the document has been served, the tenant must move out immediately or face an eviction trial.

Laws – § 42A-24(c) and § 42-26