Oklahoma 30 Day Termination Letter | Month-to-Month Lease

The Oklahoma thirty (30) day termination letter in order to cancel a month to month lease, according to § 41-111, can be used by the landlord or tenant to inform one another of the sender’s intention to terminate/cancel the lease agreement. The notice provides the recipient with 30 days notice (as required by Oklahoma State law). If the tenant is served with this notice, they must vacate the rental unit within 30 days of the service date. If they do not move out within the 30 day period, the landlord can obtain an eviction order in court by filing a “Forcible Entry and Detainer” action. The filing process typically takes place in the small claims court of the county of the rental property.

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How to Write

Step 1 – Write the date in the “Notice Date” field (dd/mm/yyyy), and then put the address of the rental unit in the next input field (street, unit/apartment number, city, county, state, ZIP).

Step 2 – Fill in the start date of the rental/lease agreement.

Note: Provide a return address for the security deposit if you are the tenant.

Step 3 – Complete the “Proof of Service” section after the notice has been served on the recipient. Select the delivery method that was used, and then enter the date of service. Sign/print your name at the bottom, and then enter the date in the blank input field labeled “Date.”