Oregon 30/60 Day Termination and Removal Notice | Manufactured Dwelling or Floating Home

The Oregon thirty (30)/sixty (60) day termination and removal notice is a form used by a landlord who decides to terminate a manufactured/floating home tenancy due to disrepair and/or deterioration of the exterior of the unit. It is in the landlord’s right to demand that the tenant of said property correct the issues stated within the notice in the established period of time or risk termination of the lease and removal of the property. Deterioration deemed by the landlord to create a risk to other persons or dwellings within the facility must be dealt with by the tenant no later than thirty (30) days after the notice has been delivered. If the state of disrepair is not a danger to others, the tenant shall be given sixty (60) days to rectify the situation or vacate the facility. The tenant should send the landlord written notice once they have corrected the cause for termination. Failure to correct the issues will result in termination of the lease. Failure to remove the facility from the property after the lease has been terminated will result in the landlord filing an eviction lawsuit with the county court.

Laws§ 90.632