Oregon 6 Day Notice to Pay or Quit | Nonpayment of Rent

The Oregon six (6) day notice to pay or quit, much like the 3-day notice to pay or quit, is a form served on a tenant who has failed to pay rent. However, a landlord can serve a 6-day notice after the fifth day past the payment date. (3-day notices can only be served after the eighth day rent is due.) This means the notice is served quicker but gives the tenant longer to come up with the rent or vacate the property. A tenant that fails to leave or pay rent could be brought to court by the landlord. The landlord, having waited the allotted notice period, can file a Forcible Entry and Detainer (FED) with the county court.

Note: A 6-day notice to pay or quit is not applicable to week-to-week tenants.

Laws – § 90.394