Tennessee 14 Day Notice to Pay or Quit | NonPayment of Rent

The Tennessee fourteen (14) day notice to pay or quit, in association with § 66-7-109, is used when a tenant has failed to pay rent. The full notice period is actually 30 days, however the tenant must pay the past due amount of rent within 14 days of receiving the notice (otherwise they must vacate the rental period within 30 days). If the tenant does not pay rent within the 14 day period, the landlord must wait until the end of the 30 day period to file an eviction action in court.

Note: In counties operating under URLTA (Uniform Residential Landlord & Tenant Act) the nonpayment notice period can be 14 days, if the tenant has failed to pay rent within the past 6 months. It’s important to give the 14 day notice only if there is documented evidence of the tenant’s history of failing to pay (otherwise the tenant could argue in court that they are entitled to the standard 14/30 day notice).

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How to Write

Step 1 – Put the date in the input field in the upper-right corner of the form. In the “To” field, put the name(s) of the tenant(s).

Step 2 – Fill in the address of the premises (street, apartment number, city, state, ZIP).

Step 3 – Enter the amount of rent that is past due.

Step 4 – At the bottom of the form, sign/print your name, enter a contact phone number, and then fill in the date.