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Arkansas 3 Day Notice to Pay or Quit

The Arkansas three (3) day notice to quit, or the “demand letter for payment”, is sent to a tenant by their landlord when the rent has not been paid on-time as written in their lease agreement. The tenant has the choice of either paying the full amount due or vacating the premises. If the tenant decides to vacate, they will remain responsible for the unpaid rent in until the expiration of the lease agreement.

If the tenant does not leave the premises then, in accordance with § 18-16-101, the landlord will be able to file an unlawful detainer action ten (10) days after the expiration of this notice. If a judgment is ruled in the favor of the landlord, they may be entitled to the amount of rent that during the court procedure period in addition to $25 per day the tenant was on the property.

Laws§ 18-60-304(3)