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Pennsylvania 10 Day Notice to Quit | Illegal Drugs

The Pennsylvania ten (10) day notice to quit is to be used by a landlord when a tenant commits illegal drug activity on the premises of the leased property. According to § 250.505-A, an act constituting illegal drug activity occurs when the tenant is convicted of selling, distributing, or manufacturing a controlled substance on the premises. Furthermore, it is also considered illegal drug activity if a controlled substance is seized from the property by law enforcement. The landlord may serve the notice to the tenant upon discovering the unlawful action. The tenant will then have ten (10) days to vacate the rented property. If the individual continues to inhabit the dwelling after ten (10) days, the landlord will need to file a formal eviction complaint with the magistrate district court.

Laws – § 250.505-A and § 250.501(d)