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Pennsylvania 15/30 Day Notice to Comply or Quit

The Pennsylvania fifteen/thirty (15/30) day notice to comply or quit is meant to be used by a landlord to inform a tenant that they have broken the lease terms. The notice shall specify a date by which the tenant must comply by either curing the issues or vacating the premises. For leases set for a period of one (1) year or less, the tenant will have fifteen (15) days in which they must comply. However, if the lease is set for a period lasting longer than one (1) year, the tenant will have thirty (30) days to satisfy the terms. Should the tenant refuse or neglect to comply within the period outlined in the notice, the landlord will have the right to terminate the contract and file an eviction lawsuit with the court.

Note: This notice to comply or quit shall be used for all non-compliance evictions excluding those for non-payment of rent and illegal drug use.

Laws – § 250.501(b)