Pennsylvania 30 Day Notice to Quit | Month to Month Tenancy

The Pennsylvania thirty (30) day notice to quit may be used by either the landlord or tenant to inform the other party of their intention to terminate a month-to-month rental contract. Pennsylvania landlord-tenant law does not specify the required notice period for month-to-month lease terminations without cause. Therefore, the provisions of the lease shall be referenced when determining the notice period. If there are no such provisions, or if there is no lease, a notice period of thirty (30) days is generally applied (the landlord should contact a clerk of the court to verify any discrepancies in their county).

The tenant will be required to move from the leased property within the designated notice period. Should they continue to reside on the premises after the notice expires, the landlord may terminate the tenancy and file an eviction lawsuit with the magistrate district court in the county where the dwelling is located.

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