Pennsylvania 15/30 Day Notice to Quit | NonCompliance

The Pennsylvania notice to cure or quit, pursuant with § 250.501(b), is for a tenant that has broken the terms of their lease agreement (other than nonpayment) and receives this notice to either comply or vacate within the time period. The period is dependent upon how long the tenant has resided on the property, if a year or less fifteen (15) days is required, if over a year thirty (30) days are needed. The form should be sent via certificate of service and either given personally, placed in a conspicuous area, or sent via certified mail.


How to Write

Step 1 – Enter the full name(s) of the tenant(s) in the top input field.

Step 2 – Fill in the address of the rental property (city, county, state, ZIP, street, apartment/unit number), and then enter the start date of the lease agreement.

Step 3 – Select whether the tenancy is under or over one year old (this determines whether the notice period is 15 or 30 days long).

Step 4 – Write a description of the lease violation(s).

Step 5 – Put your signature in the “Landlord/Agent Signature” field.

Step 6 – Complete the “Certificate of Service” section after the notice has been served on the tenant. Write the date of service, select the service method (personal delivery, mail, left with suitable resident of property), and then sign your name.