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Rhode Island 20 Day Notice to Comply or Quit

The Rhode Island twenty (20) day notice to comply or quit is an eviction letter stating that a tenant must either comply with the rental terms or vacate the property. The notice to quit may be served by the landlord when a lease violation is committed or when the tenant otherwise fails to fulfill the Rhode Island tenant obligations. The letter must be sent by first-class mail. After the notice is deposited, the tenant will have twenty (20) days from the date of mailing to remedy the violation or move from the rental unit. An eviction lawsuit may only be filed by the landlord if the tenant fails to comply with the notice by the end of the twenty (20) day period.

If a tenant commits a second (2nd) non-compliance within six (6) months of receiving a notice to quit for substantially the same violation, the landlord may serve the individual with another twenty (20) day notice with no option to cure.

Laws – § 34-18-36 and § 34-18-24