South Dakota 1 Month Notice to Quit | Month to Month Tenancy

The South Dakota one (1) month notice to quit is an eviction letter informing a month-to-month tenant (a.k.a. tenant at-will) that their lease or rental contract will be terminated. The document must be served to the tenant with at least one (1) month’s notice before the expected termination date. Within the prescribed notice period, the tenant will be required to remove their personal belongings and move from the dwelling. If they fail to comply with the terms (i.e., vacate the premises by the end of the notice period), the landlord may institute legal action to reclaim possession of the property. The one (1) month notice to quit may also be used by a tenant to inform the landlord of their intention to terminate the lease.

Note: A notice period of two (2) months must be provided if the tenant or their immediate family is currently serving in the military.

Laws – § 43-8-8