Washington 20 Day Lease Termination Letter Template

The Washington twenty (20) day lease termination letter, under RCW 59.18.200, may be used by a landlord to give due notice to a tenant (of the landlord’s intention to terminate the monthly rental agreement). If the tenant does not vacate the rental unit by the end of the 20th day of the notice period, the landlord can then file an eviction lawsuit. Although no specific reason is needed by the landlord to terminate the rental agreement, they cannot terminate it in retaliation or discrimination of the tenant.

Note: This notice can also be used by a tenant to inform their landlord that they plan on ending the rental agreement and moving out of the rental unit.

Download/Print Links:

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the notice and then print it out. At the top of the form, enter the date (dd/mm/yyyy) and then put the address of the rental unit (in the “Address of Premises” field).

Step 2 – Fill in the date that the lease agreement began on. If you are the tenant, check the second box off, fill in the start date, and then provide a return address for the security deposit (if applicable).

Step 3 – At the bottom of the notice is the “Proof of Service” section. Select the service method, enter the date and time of service, and then sign/print/date the section in the input fields at the bottom of the page.