Kentucky 7 Day Notice to Pay or Quit | Non-Payment of Rent

The Kentucky seven (7) day notice to pay or quit, supported by Statute 383.660 , is served by the landlord to a tenant that has failed to pay the rent. The notice informs the tenant that they have seven (7) days to either pay the owed amount, or vacate the rental unit. Failure of the tenant to either pay the rent or move out gives the landlord the right to file an eviction action (otherwise known as a “forcible detainer complaint”) in court. The notice should be served to the tenant personally, or posted on the front door of the rental unit (and another copy sent to the tenant’s mailing address).

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the notice in .PDF format and print it out (click herelink opens in a new browser tab/window). Enter the name of the tenant at the top of the notice (in the first input field), and then put the name of the rental unit along with the City and County where it is located.

Step 2 – Fill in the full street address of the rental property/specific unit, and then enter the start date of the lease agreement and the full name of the landlord. Enter how much rent is owed, and the date(s) from which that amount corresponds to.

Step 3 – Date the notice at the bottom of the page, and then sign your name.