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Minnesota Notice to Comply or Quit

The Minnesota notice to comply or quit is a letter informing tenants that they have violated their rental agreement or have committed other infractions (e.g., illegal activity, failing to vacate after the lease expires). The notice shall state the specific violations which have transpired and indicate a date when the issues must be corrected. If the tenant fails to either cure their violations or vacate the rented property, the landlord can seek a judgment by filing an eviction complaint, or “Unlawful Detainer,” with the court.

Unlike most states, landlords in Minnesota are not required to provide tenants with notice of an impending eviction for non-compliance. The landlord can file the complaint with the court immediately after they have grounds for eviction. Therefore, the use of the Notice to Comply or Quit is entirely optional.

Laws – § 504B.285 and § 504B.171