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Minnesota Notice to Pay or Quit

The Minnesota notice to pay or quit can be used by a landlord to inform a tenant that they must pay rent or vacate the premises of the leased property. The landlord may serve the letter on the tenant immediately after they neglect to pay by the prescribed due date. The tenant will be given a period in which they can satisfy the notice terms; the period allotted for the tenant should be outlined in the lease. If the tenant does not pay or vacate after the notice expires, the landlord can seek an eviction order by filing an Unlawful Detainer with the circuit court.

Minnesota law does not demand that landlords provide notice to tenants before filing an eviction lawsuit for late rent unless the tenancy is “at will” (see the 14 Day Notice to Pay or Quit – Tenancy At Will). Therefore, serving this notice on a tenant with a fixed-term lease is optional.

Laws § 504B.291